About Me



Hi. I’m Bethany, a lifelong Bostonian who moved to Seattle in August 2012. I have two adult daughters and a great dog Cognac, who we adopted from the Seattle Humane Society.

I started running in 2009 as part of a life style change. But I still eat cannolis and other comfort food and run a lot.

We had a rough start in Seattle. A week after arriving I was diagnosed with Stage 1B breast cancer. I had 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout my treatments I ran. But this is not a blog about cancer.

This is a blog about food, running, and a East Coast native, discovering what Seattle has to offer.

Thanks for reading and happy running!






2 Responses to About Me

  1. Kelly says:

    When you get back to Seattle, look up “Kelly Cannoli”. YUMMMMM

  2. Hi I live near you. How you like Seattle beside the rains? Have you seen cool places like the pike place, zoos Tacoma and Seattle , aquarium , northwest trek , saint Helen etc ? Are you also rooting for Seahawks ? Is it possible to meet in coffee place like Starbucks and to become friend ?

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