Big Sur Marathon Race Report

On Sunday, April 29th I ran the Big Sur Marathon. It was a bucket list race for me. You have to qualify or get in through the lottery. The race starts at Big Sur National Park and ends in Carmel. I stayed in Monterey and was bused to the start at 4 am. This is a medium size race with about 4500 runners. There is also a 21 miler and relay.

The bus ride was about 75 minutes and I sat with another runner from North Carolina. We chatted the whole way. The start was a bit crowded but had plenty of porta potties. They also had tables with bananas, bagels, water, coffee and hot chocolate. I started in wave 2 at about 6:50. The first few miles were great and down hill. After that the uphill starts. This course is HARD. There is no flat, you are either going up or down. I trained for the hills, but what I did not expect was the brutal headwind for 26 miles and the cambered road. But it was the most beautiful course I have run, with amazing views of the ocean. The water stops were every 2/3 miles apart so I carried a handheld, which I had never done before, but was glad to have water with me.

The volunteers were fantastic! From the expo to the finish line they were helpful, friendly and enthusiast.

I was very happy to finish. At the finish you were given a box that had apple juice, apple, chips, gummy bears. There were also tables with strawberries, cookies, chips.


This is a one and done for me. The course is tough. My quads were angry for a few days.


Next up climbing Kilimanjaro! Anyone have any tips or advise?

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