Hiking the Inca Trail!!!!!

It was finally hiking day and it was raining. I think we were all prepared for some rain on the trail, so why not get it over with. We left our hotel for a 45 minute drive to km 82, the start of the Inca Trail. After going thru the check point we were off.


This was the easiest day of hiking. The rain stopped about mid morning and we had our first taste of the amazing food we would have on the trail. The views were breathtaking!

I spent my first night ever in a tent. It was okay. I should have had a few swigs of beer before bed. I’m not a camper, this was so far out of my comfort zone. I knew the no cell coverage, no shower, no real toilet, no bed, would be tough, but I wanted this experience more than those comforts. And I have NO regrets about being a stinky mess for 4 days!

The second day was the hardest hiking. We would go over 2 mountain passes to a high of 13,769 feet elevation at Dead Women’s Pass. I have never been that high. This was a very hard day. I would put it on par with running a marathon. Rob, Jordan, Jim and Jonathan went ahead of the group to the summit. When I could hear them I tried to pick up the pace but it was not happening. There was no air up there. Even when I could see them it was 5 steps then stop. I finally made it to the top and was super happy.

The rest of the way to camp was all down. We were walking on large stones for most of the trail, which is harder than hiking on dirt. At camp it was nap time then another great dinner. I’m not sure which meal these are from, most of my food pics were too dark.

On the third hiking day we had a lot of ground to cover and 2 more mountain passes between 12,100 and 13,100 feet elevation. I did not notice the lack of air as much on this day of hiking. It was long put the views were amazing along the way.

Tomorrow we hike to Machu Picchu!!!!



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