Not giving up

I’m training for the Tokyo marathon, February 26th. I took today off from a tempo run. The first run I have skipped this training cycle. Marathon training is HARD. Wednesday, my back was hurting a bit and I had a horrible “easy run” on Thursday. My type A personality has a very hard time with skipping a workout.


I hired a coach a year ago and he has pushed me to run miles and paces I didn’t think I was capable of. He has also tried to instill confidence in me. In the past I have given up on a goal too early in a race, because my legs hurt, I was tired, I may not finish unless I slow down, so many excuses! I need to know that I can hold on to the goal. Not give up so easily. I have run 20 miles on weeks that I had 35 other miles with workouts. Running is a mental game. When you get too much in your own head you start doubting yourself, when it gets hard.

I want to enjoy Tokyo, but I also want a PR. I know I have put in the miles and paces for a PR. My mind needs to know that it will happen. When it gets tough during those 26.2 miles I need to remember all the hard work I have completed and pull from that strength.

Thank you Robbie for pushing and encouraging me. I’m hoping for a cloudy, 50 degrees on race day. I will give it my all and hold on to the A goal.

And in case you didn’t hear, my Patriots won the Superbowl!


We will be adding #5 to this group!


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4 Responses to Not giving up

  1. mkeys724 says:

    You are so ready for your PR! I have NO DOUBT you can do it as long as you have NO DOUBT in yourself. It will be hard but you have so many miles under your belt that you know you can stick with it when it starts to hurt. GO GET IT! GOOD LUCK!

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