Frosty Half Race Report

On Sunday, December 11 I ran a very cold half marathon. I was back in Boston for the weekend to visit family and friends, and my east coast running club, Colonial Road Runners, was putting on this half. I have run it once before. I knew many of my old running friends would be there and my dad and sister were volunteering.

The race is in a small town south of Boston. The race starts and ends at Raynham Middle school. You can stay in the warmth of the school until minutes before the start. It’s a slightly hilly course that runs along country roads. I was hoping for a sub-2, which used to be my norm but this year has eluded me.

It was about 15 degrees at the start and I was cold. I’m not used to running in that cold anymore. The first few miles I just settled into my 9 minute pace, and let people pass me. I held that pace for most of the race, other than mile 10 with a big hill that I walked up. The volunteers were awesome on this very cold morning. Lots of shout outs and cheering at the water stops and each turn had someone at it so you didn’t go the wrong way.

Finish 1:58:55!! Not a PR but I was very happy with it.

After the race the club serves a full breakfast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit. And you can use the locker rooms to shower and change which is awesome.

Instead of a shirt you get a hat and lip balm as well as a medal. This is a great well run race. I may have to come back in 2017.


My favorite tree at Faneuil Hall





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