Seattle Ghost Half Marathon

On Saturday I ran my 26th half marathon the Seattle Ghost Half. Thanksgiving weekend was a mixed bag for weather here. On Saturday it was raining all morning. The course could be beautiful with views of Seattle and the mountains, but not on this day. It’s a small race, about 300 runners,  but I was unsure about parking and arrived at 7 for a 8 am start. I have been sick most of November and finally went to a doctor. I had a sinus infection., so I was running this race on antibiotics. This year, not one race has gone as I wanted it to and this one was no exception.

The start was in a small park and the organizers had tents with heaters. We started a few minutes late and I was wet from the start. I think there were only 2 water stops, but this was an out and back so you could get water 4 times. I just carried water. We made our way around Seward Park and Lake Washington. I have to say this race had some of the friendliest runners. It’s part of series for Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics of 4 half’s or full’s in 4 days, crazy.  I got many shout outs and gave a bunch in return.

I finished in 2:03. The medal is cool and I love the hoodie instead of a shirt.






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