Randomness from the last 5 months.

Hi! I’m still here in the PNW. I have not blogged in 5 months, sorry to the 5 people that read this. I have no real excuse. Life is always busy and I had a great vacation and ran some races, but just didn’t feel like writing about them. Here’s a recap of the last five months.

After Boston, I registered for the Tunnel Light Marathon in September. It‘s a small, local, race on an old railroad track that is net downhill and known for PR’s.

May was uneventful.

June I ran a half marathon, Lake Wilderness. It was horrible. It was hot and humid and I had my worst half time ever. The highlight of the summer was our trip to Japan. We went to Tokyo and Kyoto. I loved Tokyo. Amid all the temples and shrines are super modern areas like Akihabara, and Harajuku. The Japanese people could not have been more friendly and welcoming.


July was Ragnar take 4. I was the captain this time and that took a little bit of the fun away. I think I’m too type A to do that again. I was in van one with my OR peeps. Van 2 was friends from WA. It was a good time, and probably the only time my huge house will be full. I also ran the West Seattle Beach Half. It was a small race and the weather was cloudy and not too hot, but no sub 2.






OR Ragnar peeps







August was a busy month of training. I hit 220 miles for the month. Most weeks I was running 6 days with 2 work outs and a long run.

September was race month! My coach came up from OR for the race, Emily drove me and my friend, Marilyn was going to run the last 5 miles with me for a big PR. Well that didn’t happen. The plan was to follow the 4 hour pacer. A 4 hour marathon is about 9:10 pace. My first 5 miles were in the low 8’s. About miles 16 that caught up to me. It was a rough finish. Thank you to Robbie, Emily, Marilyn and Linda for supporting me. I’m still not over the disappointment. It’s hard when you feel like you did everything right during training and it all falls apart on race day.


Linda’s picture from the finish line.

On to October we are heading to Sydney and Port Douglas, Australia for 10 days. Hopefully I’ll get a post in this month. Thanks for reading!


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