I finished the Boston Marathon!

It was not the time goal I was hoping for but I finished the Boston Marathon! I was running for the Dana Farber Institute. My required minimum was met a few weeks before the marathon. I hired a coach for this training cycle who pushed me beyond what I thought I was able to do, thank you Robbie! I thought I was ready for a big PR, but the weather did not cooperate.

20160421_06254020160421_062253 (2)

All weekend I was telling myself that it was not going to be too warm and I love the sun. But starting in Hopkinton at 70+ and full sun was not good. I was sweating just walking to the corrals.


Pam and I at the start

The first 3 miles I was holding on to about a 9:15 pace, but quickly realized that it was too hot and sunny for me to maintain that pace for 23 more miles. Crossing the finish line of this race was more important than a PR. Once I made that decision I began to enjoy the race, through the pain. I high-fived kids along the way. I read people’s signs, I chatted with other runners, mostly about the heat. I heard the women of Wellesley before I saw them and I kissed a girl from OR. I stopped to hug my family at mile 15. Stopped at the DFMC cheer section at mile 17 for tissues, and thought about taking a beer from the BC boys. Seeing the Citgo sign, knowing you are almost done. Running by the crowds in Kenmore Square just, well 2 hours, after the Red Sox game. At mile 25.5 just before the Boston Strong bridge I ran past Brett and Lori, I turned back to hug them.


At mile 25.5 seeing family! Lori’s pic

On the other side of that bridge you see Hereford ST! Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston! The finish line is in sight, although .25 miles away.

Thank you to all my family and friends for donating to DFMC. And for supporting me during this training and race.

I feel like this is what running Boston is about, taking it all in, enjoying the crowds and runners.  I’m so proud to be from an amazing city that truly shines on Marathon Monday.


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2 Responses to I finished the Boston Marathon!

  1. janerunswild says:

    Congratulations!!!! What an incredible day. You did a great job!!

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