Taper Time!

The Boston Marathon is 2 weeks from today! I feel like this training cycle flew by, even though it was by far the hardest I have ever trained for a marathon.

I know I will be looking for things to do, especially on Saturday, which is a rest day this week. I usually look forward to taper, this has been the most miles I have put in for marathon training, by about 100. Last week I ran 42 miles with 3 speed work outs. This week is 28 miles with 1 speed workout. My coach, Robbie has pushed me to a running level I did not think was possible. He has encouraged and challenged me and I’m very grateful for his help.

I guess the worst thing about the next 2 weeks is worrying about aches and pains, and getting a cold. I have become a pro about using hand sanitizer. I’m also getting good at applying KT tape, which has become my friend and I don’t care if it’s all in my head.

I caved and purchased these for marathon day! They are not as cute as the lobster ones last year, but they are my go to Adrenalines.


Good luck to everyone running a race in the next few weeks. Rest, enjoy the taper and the agonizing about goals and the weather.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my run! If you would like to make a donation here is the link and Thank you!


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1 Response to Taper Time!

  1. Good luck in your race! I’m doing my first marathon in October, would love to one day qualify and run in Boston. Have an amazing one!

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