Running in the rain

It’s winter in Seattle and that means running in the rain. I’m not complaining. I would take rain over snow any day. But here are a few things I have learned this winter, the wettest one I’ve had here.

  1. Nothing is going to keep you dry. None of those water-resistant running jackets will help. They will just make you hot. A brimmed coolmax hat will help keep some of the rain out of your eyes.
  2. Get used to pealing off your running clothes.
  3. There is all kinds of rain. My favorite is the very light drizzle. But lately it has been pouring buckets, which I try not to run in. Or like today’s rain, where I was totally wet about 5 minutes into my 7 mile run.
  4. Puddles are the worst. I run on sidewalks but some of the streets are so flooded that this has happened to me more than once.
    Credit HBO

    Credit HBO

    Still better than cold and snow. But I’m always happy when I have an unexpected dry run.

    Marathon training is going well. My coach has me running a lot more miles than I have in the past, but so far, so good. I’m just tired and hungry all the time. This week I did a better job of having healthy snacks on hand.

    What is the weather like where you live? Training for a race?

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3 Responses to Running in the rain

  1. silverhonore says:

    Yep – rarely a dry moment right now! Oddly, it’s one reason why I seem to be gravitating toward the trails, you expect to get muddy, so I don’t avoid the puddles. Wool socks can help (I put those on over my Injinji’s)! I dislike the puddle left on the bathroom floor after I’ve peeled my clothes off – I need to remember to dump them in the tub so I can wring them out.

  2. RSC says:

    Ah…the joys of puddles. I try to run around but have found myself running through more often than not. The rain sucks but I’m learning to embrace it.

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