California International Marathon Race Report

Short Version: It’s a fast course with rolling hills for the first 16 miles then it’s pretty flat. Great volunteers, not many spectators on this rainy day. PR 4:18:33!

Long Story:

Amy and I arrived in Sacramento Saturday morning. We checked into our hotel and headed to the expo. The expo was medium size and had all the usually vendors. We quickly picked up our bibs and shirts.


We walked around a bit in the afternoon, including to the finish line.











We had a great dinner at II Forniao. We both had really good pasta dishes and dessert.


We were up at 4 am on Sunday. CIM is a point to point course. We had to get on a bus to the start line in Folsom at 5 am.We had coffee and stale bagels in the breakfast room and walked over the buses at 5:45. There were so many runners waiting for buses. We did not get on a bus until 5:30. It was a 40 minute ride to Folsom. Amy and I used one of the hundreds of Port-a-potties and then waited on the bus until 6:55.

On the bus! Amy's pic.

On the bus! Amy’s pic.

It was raining at the start. We wished each other luck and headed our separate ways. There are no corrals so I lined up in between the 4:10 and 4:25 pacers. My goal for this race was a PR. I knew I was going to have to push it. The first 6 miles is nice rolling hills. For every up there was a down and I stayed pretty close to my target. The volunteers were great, but other than at the relay exchanges there were not a lot of spectators, but the ones that were on the course were great. I was wearing my Seattle Marathon shirt (and my BAA hat) so I heard a lot of “Go Seattle”.

Miles 7 through 20 were uneventful. There were about 10 bands along the course. I felt good, strong and the rain stopped. I was holding on pretty close to my A goal. Then I got tired. Mile 22 was my first 10 minute mile and I could not get back into the nine’s after that. The last 2 miles was a mental game. Just hold on to the PR. I’m very proud of my time and place in my age group 84/240.

20151206_114523 (1)

After the race you were given your medal, Mylar blanket and water. The food was a little hard to find. All I saw was bananas and kind bars.

Amy had a PR also. I only talked to a few people who did not have at least a small PR. Which leads to no marathon is easy, but this is a good, fast course. with great support. I heard that BQ bell many times.



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  1. Marilyn says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a great race! Way to stick with it at the end. I hope you get some much deserved rest and recovery before you start Boston training!

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