Running things I’m loving now

The colder weather has arrived in Seattle and there are a few things that make my colder runs so much better, I wanted to share them.

Knuckle Lights!

I have mentioned these before but I love them. They are much better than a head lamp. You can put the light where you need it, at a car or the sidewalk.


Saucony Thermal Top

I usually wear Oiselle or Brooks clothing, but I love my Saucony thermal half zip. It’s perfect for 30-40 degrees or colder with a shirt under it.

This is the current version of my top.

This is the current version of my top.

Brooks Thermal running tights

Which you can no longer buy. They are great for the wet cold weather. It looks like they replaced them with a more expensive option. The Seattle tight.


Taper has began. My marathon is less than 2 weeks away! Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I’m lucky to be running the 2016 Boston Marathon for Dana Farber. I have to raise $5,000. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated! Here is a link to donate or for more information.

Please join the FitFam challenge. I have already signed on to a team. Let me know what you are planning to do. Use code MOVETHEMISSION10 for 10% off. It will keep you motivated during the holidays.



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