My treadmill desk!

I’ve had a make shift standing desk for months and love it. But I knew that my boss would never pay big bucks for a treadmill desk. Then Hannah told me that someone in her office bought a cheap treadmill and just removed the handles and put it under her desk. I was intrigued.

Hannah sent me a couple of pictures and I was on a mission. I found the treadmill on Amazon for $200! Although my boss thought I was crazy, he approved the expense and then I waited.

The treadmill arrived in 6 days. The guys helped me unbox it.

20150521_110757 (2)We were a little stuck, the wires for the controls ran thru the handle bars, then Hannah sent me a link to a YouTube video. In about 15 minutes we went from this to this

20150521_121635 (2)

I love it! It’s perfect for walking. I would not run on it and if you have big feet the base is not very wide. I have it set up so I can easily move it over for my chair.

I walk pretty slow on it but I’m getting about an additional 5/7 thousand steps a day!

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1 Response to My treadmill desk!

  1. This is such a great idea! Love the multitasking. And an extra few miles a day equals more cannolis, right?!

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