Gametiime Puppy Run

I joined Gametiime about 18 months ago. It’s a great local site that has since expanded to a nation wide running community. They are having a virtual run called the Puppy Run. A virtual run is a run that people are running where ever you may be. You pick the time during the weekend. No rushing to get to a race. You can then connect with people across the country on social media who also ran. And you can also register your dog.

Cognac and I will be running. He is running about a mile with me now, but has done a bunch of hikes and I think the 5k will be perfect for him.

Cognac ready for a run.

Cognac ready for a run.


There is great swag for this race, including kids and pup swag. Plus if you use the code bethany10 you can get 10% off your registration fee.

Join us the June 5-8 for a fun run.


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  1. Gametiime says:

    Thanks for helping us spread the word!

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