Sports doctor and new goals

I have been running for 5 years. This week was my first visit to a sports doctor. Immediately after the Tacoma St Paddy’s Day Half my right hip was hurting. I began icing, heat and taking ibuprofen. I also continued to run. Last week was one of my highest mileage weeks, 46 miles including a 20 miler. I can deal with a lot of aches, but my hip was bordering on 24/7 pain. I turned to Google over the weekend, which scared me enough to made a doctor’s appointment.

On Tuesday I saw Dr. Michael Allison at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. When I made the appointment I stressed that I was a runner training for a marathon. The scheduler said I have the perfect doctor for you and he was right. We immediately hit it off, talking about marathons we have both run. He asked me about my training and looked at my running shoes, which I was asked to bring. Diagnoses IT band inflammation. Really my IT band, everything you read about IT band has pain in the knee, not hip. Typical runner injury. He recommended fewer miles, ice, stretching, and strengthening my legs. I can continue to run! He also recommended taking the summer off from marathon training, still running just not so many miles. He prescribed a heavy-duty anti inflammatory which has worked wonders in 3 days.

I will be running the Eugene Marathon and my slightly longer taper, due to my Beijing trip should be better for my hip.

So that leads me to new goals. On Saturday I will be hiking Little Si. The goal is to hike Mount St Helens in September. It is not a technical hike but steep with lots of boulder fields. This has been in the works for a few weeks, but my running injury has made this more enticing.

My first pair of real hiking boots!

My first pair of real hiking boots!

Local friends, have you hiked Mount St. Helens? What are some of your favorite day hikes?

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5 Responses to Sports doctor and new goals

  1. I grew up in Seattle and miss it! Love that you get to explore the NW and I can follow along=)

  2. bethanynic says:

    Thanks! I really like it here now, but it was a huge adjustment coming from the East Coast.

  3. Marilyn says:

    I am so glad to hear you can keep running and can still do Eugene! I can’t wait to hear about your St. Helens planning!

  4. bethanynic says:

    Thanks Marilyn! I may still run CIM, because it is in December. I’ll wait a bit to register.

  5. Jamie says:

    Glad your doc got you moving down the right path! Bring on the summer of hiking!!

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