St. Paddy’s Day Half Tacoma Race Report

Last Saturday I ran the St. Paddy’s Day Half in Tacoma.

Amy drove and we left about 6:15. We were super early. My friend, Rebecca was also there early, so we had time to chat. This is not a very big race but we were concerned about parking, which was a breeze. We also had to pick up our bibs, which was also easy once the volunteers were ready.

St Paddy

The weather was cloudy with drizzle. What I didn’t plan on was the brutal wind. This race is along the water and it was windy most of the race. Rebecca and I started together, she was planning on her first sub-2 and I told her I would run with her, but we could both take off at any point. The first six miles were pretty flat and we ran them too fast, then the hills start. I walked up a few hills and then would catch up with Rebecca on the down hill. We stayed together until the last water stop about mile 12, I stopped for water and Rebecca didn’t. This was also a big hill for about a mile. It never seemed to end. I could always see Rebecca just a bit ahead of me and knew she would have her sub 2.

I finished in 1:59:14, 7th out of 32, there were some speedy 50 year olds at this race.  At the finish you got your medal and a bottle of water. They had bananas, some granola bars and fruit snacks. I would have liked something salty.

I’m happy with my finish and know that I left it all on the course.

St Pats bling


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