Hot Chocolate Race Recap

On Sunday I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle. This is a large race, 7,000 in the 5k and 5,500 in the 15k. I have run this race the past 3 years and each year say I’m not going to run it again. It is a hard, hilly course. You are going up or down the whole 9 miles nothing is flat. But the chocolate is always a draw for someone I know. Last year my sister, Pam came from Boston to run. This year my friend, Devri and her husband, Barry came up from Oregon to run the race.

Devri and I

Devri and I

The 5k has a very early start of 6:45, the 15k 7:55. The only issue was the traffic off Mercer St. But we headed up a side street and got free parking about 3 blocks from the start. Devri even had time for a bathroom stop before her corral started. For a big race it’s very well-organized. Easy gear check, plenty of port-a-potties and you can wait inside at the Armory.

The weather was about 40 and beautiful blue sunny sky. We started on time and the first bit is a few very steep downhills. I like to go all out on the downhills, and it was still pretty crowded so I was also weaving in and out a bit.  There is not a lot of crowd support but the volunteers are awesome. Most had cow bells and shouted cheers along the way. About mile 3 my friend Rebecca comes up beside me, what a great surprise. I didn’t know she was running this race. We ending up running the rest of the race together. We chatted very little as we were both running at a very good pace for us. I told her she was going to be my rabbit, but to run at her pace. She ended up pulling slightly ahead in the last third of a mile, which was up hill, and I was running out of steam. Finish time 1:23:29 a PR and top 10% in my new age group. Thank you Rebecca for pushing me!

Rebecca and I

Rebecca and I

At the finish there are cups of Gatorade and bottles of water. We also got metals this year. The finish shoot is organized and quick. You have a ticket on your bib for your mug of goodies. Everyone gets one. There is no taking 8 for your whole family and leaving none for the runners behind you.

Hot Chocolate mug

IMG_20150301_134443 (2)



Thanks Devri for the pictures!

This is a great race, anyone from Boston want to come out to run it next year?

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3 Responses to Hot Chocolate Race Recap

  1. Shannon says:

    I wouldn’t b able to keep up with you but yes! I want to come visit in general! Just no in the budget right since unemployed

  2. Marilyn says:

    Congrats on your PR! Sounds like a great race, I really need to try it next year. That cup of goodies looks amazing!

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