Hello 2015!

Guess what starts today? Marathon training! On January 1st I committed to running the Eugene Marathon, May 10th. I had been debating if I should run a spring marathon, or tackle a 50k or just contentrate on shorter races. The marathon is such a big draw for me. It’s a huge challenge, not just the day of the race, but all the training that goes into preparing for the marathon. For Chicago I ran over 600 miles in 18 weeks. That’s not including all the cross training. So Eugene it is.


Here are some of my other goals:

1. Continue to find more people to run with, my pace. I have put myself out there all year, and have made a few runner friends, but I need to keep working on this.

2. Train smart and well for Eugene.

3. Plan a Fall Marathon or 50k. I turn 50 this year and was thinking about running a 50k but have not committed to any.

4. Learn a few words in Mandarin. We are going to Beijing in April and I would like to know a few basic words and phrases.

5. Read more books. Since I purchased my tablet in February I have read 16 books. That is about 12 more than 2013.

Any favorite books? Has anyone been to Beijing and if you have what are your top 5 things to do?


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5 Responses to Hello 2015!

  1. RSC says:

    I love your goals! I hear the Point Defiance 50K is a good one! I would do it but will be out of town.

  2. Great goals! Good luck on your Marathon training.
    A 50k when you turn 50, that is a great idea. I look forward to seeing if you end up making it official:)
    Reading books is a great goal, I love to read nothing better than a great book to escape into:)

  3. Marilyn says:

    Yes! I am so glad you are running Eugene!

    I am terrible at reading, but I did recently start Wild and am loving it.

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