Seattle Half Marathon Race Report

On Sunday I ran the Seattle Half Marathon. I have not heard many good things about this race, the brutal hills and crappy weather are usually the reasons, but after Chicago I had an empty race calendar and I had to fill it with something.

I went to the Expo on Friday, while we were downtown shopping. It’s a small expo and no matter what race you run, 5K thru marathon, you get the same unisex shirt. I was able to get an x-small though.

Amy and I went to the race together. We got stuck in traffic on the way and got to the start late. Thank you Jamie for taking our bags to bag drop! It was about 22 degrees at the start. Very cold and windy. I spent the first five miles weaving through the crowds of walkers and slower runners. This was my fault not theirs, but it is frustrating and takes a toll mentally. I was glad to pass the 2:15 pacers. Because of the late start I did not have my music ready. about mile 5 I walked and got my music on, I’m glad I did because I needed it for all the hills that were coming.

The course goes over I90 and then through some Seattle neighborhoods. Seattle is not flat. This was a hilly course. I did walk up a few of the very steep hills, and took advantage of the downhill.

We finished in the Stadium and were given our medal, a bottle of water, and a heat blanket. I wish there was a sign pointing to Bag Drop. I walked thru the recovery area and asked about 10 volunteers where it was and no one knew. I finally found it by asking other runners. In the recovery area there was the normal bananas and bagels. But also hot chocolate and Dole fruit cups.

Amy and I had planned to meet at Starbucks at the Armory, so I grabbed my clothes and headed there. I changed and had a coffee while I waited for her.

Official time 2:06:25. Not great but considering the cold, wind, hills and the fact that I am recovering from a cold I’ll take it. It’s not a race I have to run again. Thank you to the volunteers and spectators that came out in very cold weather.

Seattle Half

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2 Responses to Seattle Half Marathon Race Report

  1. Jamie says:

    It was so very cold! And no problem on the bag drop. I agree, super frustrating to not know where bag pickup was. I dropped off our 3 bags and the volunteers could have easily said “come back here when you’re done”, but nope.

  2. I’m not sad that I missed the cold and wind, but dang they finally have a good shirt color this year and I didn’t get it. I’ve got orange and yellow from the last two years.
    Glad to hear your survived the crazy hills. Congrats!

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