Eating my way through Chicago

Chicago did not disappoint me in the food department. Here is a run down of my favorite meals and snacks in Chicago.

It all started with a trip to a very beloved and missed place Dunkin Donuts!


I had asked Andrea for suggestions, and she was spot on. Friday night we went to Pequod’s for pan pizza and it was awesome!

Pequod's Pizza thanks Andrea!

Pequod’s Pizza thanks Andrea!

Pepperoni pan pizza

Pepperoni pan pizza






The next morning Jamie and I went to Yoke for breakfast. We also went on Monday. The food was great. The pancakes had a slight sweet flavor and the fruit was fresh and delicious.




Saturday Jamie and I went to D’amato’s an Italian Deli and Bakery. Jamie was super happy with the meats and cheeses and I loved the cookies and biscotti. The cannoli was not that great.

Our bounty from D'amato's

Our bounty from D’Amato’s

For dinner on Saturday we went to Pranzi. It is a small Italian restaurant and the food was great. My go to for pre race dinner is pasta with meatballs and these meatballs were very good.


Pre race pasta & meatballs

Pre race pasta & meatballs

After the race on Sunday Jamie and I went to Portillo’s (another suggestion from Andrea)for a wet beef sandwich. It is like a French dip, but the whole sandwich is dipped in au jus. I always crave beef after a long run and this was perfect.

Skip the fries, but the chocolate cake was great.

Skip the fries, but the chocolate cake was great.

On Monday Pam, Manami and I when to Sprinkle’ cupcake shop. And one of the last things I had in Chicago was Garrett’s popcorn and yes it is everything you have heard it will be.

IMG_20141013_100427 (2)IMG_20141013_154416 (2)







Loved, loved, loved Chicago! We need more good food like these in Seattle.









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1 Response to Eating my way through Chicago

  1. Jamie says:

    It’s a very good thing these restaurants aren’t in Seattle…we’d put on 20 lbs!

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