Spokane to Sandpoint Race Recap!

Last weekend I ran my second relay of the summer, Spokane to Sandpoint. When I signed on for this race, I thought it was a way for me to see eastern Washington. I can’t say I saw a whole lot, but it was fun and I made it to Idaho. I was on team Sole Mates. The only person I knew was my friend, Amy. She knew a few of the team mates. Amy, Sophia and I left Seattle about 1 on Thursday. We stopped in Yakima to pick up our captain, Scott and drop off Sophia who was in van two, then headed to Spokane. It’s a very long drive.

We stopped in Moses Lake for dinner at Guido’s Pizza. The pizza was very good. And they had cannolis! They were the best cannolis I have had in WA.

Best cannolis in WA!

Best cannolis in WA!

We made it to Spokane, picked up our bibs and info. If you ever run this race, packet pickup is up the mountain about 30 minutes, pick up your stuff in the morning. We stayed at the Mirabeau Park hotel, which is the recommended hotel, but there is also a Holiday Inn and Motel 8 on the same road. We went to sleep too late for the 4:30 alarm. In the morning we met our 3 van mates. Rob and Katie are married and their friend Diane. We all headed over to Krispy Kream for he breakfast of champians.

Warm and delicious!

Warm and delicious!

Then we headed to the start line at Mount Spokane. Rob was our first runner, right at 6:30.

At the start line. Scott's picture

At the start line.
Scott’s picture

It was cloudy and about 60 in the morning both days. The afternoons did clear and got up to about 80. It was hot in the sun.
My first run was at 10:30 about 5 miles and I got lost. I am horrible with directions so I do look at all my legs and the turns. I got to one intersection and it did not feel right and turned around after about .25 mile and quickly got back on track. That was the worst thing that happened on a run.  All my runs went well. I had no issues. They were not in the best areas, a construction zone, a trail next to the highway and six miles on a highway with not a lot of shoulder.

After my first leg. Thanks Amy.

After my first leg. Thanks Amy.










A two van team has a ton of downtime. I liked being able to sleep at night, but the other two breaks were long. After eating there was not a lot to do. We actually watched a movie on the first break. We did not have a lot of time to get to know the people in the other van. It felt like 2 separate races, not one team.

I had a great time. Spokane is a long way from Seattle. It was about a 5 hour drive. I did get to see Eastern Washington and Idaho. It’s a small relay, 85 teams compared to 600+ for Ragnar. You spend most of your runs solo. I like to see runners, to make sure I’m going the right way. Like Ragnar the teams were awesome about cheer for each other. On my last run I ran out of water and another team filled my handheld and gave me some cheez-its and gummies.

Finish line! Thanks for the pic Scott.

Finish line! Thanks for the pic Scott.

Have you run a relay? 12 person team or 6?

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3 Responses to Spokane to Sandpoint Race Recap!

  1. Marilyn says:

    Watched a movie?! Crazy! I think I would rather take a nap! : ) Glad you had a good race and didn’t get too lost.

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