See Jane Run Race Recap

On Sunday I ran half marathon number 16. This is a small race, under 1,000 runners. I was not looking forward to it. It has been hot here for over a week and the weather was 75-80 and full sun, not a cloud in the sky. I met Jamie, we picked up our bibs and got ready. Mt friend, Marilyn was also running and we caught up with her in line for the porta potties.

Jamie and I before the race. Jamie's picture

Jamie and I before the race.
Jamie’s picture

The race started on time. I had no expectations, due to the weather. I was going to run about a 10 minute pace. I started a little faster 9:40 and keep that for most of the race. It was hot and sunny, but there was a good bit of shade on the course and a breeze here and there, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The course is pretty flat except for 2 hills in miles 7 and 8. The last 2 miles were hard. It was getting hotter and there was no shade. I finished 2:04, 15th in my age group! I felt pretty good and happy that I did so well in the heat. The course had about 8 water stops. I carried water and drank it all. They had an energy drink SOS Hydration which I hope was mixed badly, because I took it and spit it out twice, it tasted like salt water.  Once I turned back to get water.



The post race was small, you were given a bottle of water at the finish and your medal. They also had bananas, and bags with a Luna bar, pretzels and almond milk. We also had chocolate and champagne.

After the race Jamie, Marilyn, who had a PR, and I went to the Varsity Inn for brunch. Good, basic breakfast food. Sorry no picture. But I do have a picture of this

MIke's cannoli!

MIke’s cannoli!

Hannah was in Boston and brought back the cannoli kit, as well as biscotti and cookies!

Next up Ragnar Relay! I’m on the same Ultra team as last year with a few substitutions. It’s this Friday, if you want to follow us most of us tweet #sixpackrack. I can’t wait for the crazy 30+ hours.


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3 Responses to See Jane Run Race Recap

  1. lauren says:

    You and Marilyn are both rockstars for running a half the week before Ragnar! Can’t wait to start our adventure on Friday!

  2. Brittany says:

    I ran this 5K because I was wayyy under trained for the half, and I LOVED it. This entire race atmosphere was so much fun. Way to kill it with the half!

  3. Congrats on finishing your 15th half marathon! I hope you have a great time at Ragnar!

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