That was not what I planned on.

I will do a post on the Expo and some good points about my visit to Boston, but first my Boston Marathon race report.

I had my first DNF. For the biggest race any runner can be in. I’m very disappointed, but I know that I did all I could to finish and it was not in the cards on Monday.

I woke up Monday at 5 am and was immediately in the bathroom throwing up and with diarrhea, sorry TMI. My sister, Pam thought it was nerves, but I did not think so. I don’t get that nervous about races. I got dressed and  Pam drove me to our running club’s bus in Braintree. I was very glad that I had paid for the charter bus. I was with friends and had a bathroom on the bus. The ride to Hopkinton was not good. I kept throwing up and just wanted to sleep.

When we got to Hopkinton, some of the runners got off the bus and walked to the Village, they brought me back some Gatorade, thank you Dan and JT. I kept down about 8 oz of diluted Gatorade and a handful of Cherrios. I made my way to the village with Linda and Scott. I threw up all that was in me in the porta potty. To the start line we went. This is Boston I have to try to run it right?

The crowds were amazing and I didn’t feel that bad the first few miles, I didn’t feel good either. Linda and I did a run walk and my only goal was to finish. I was taking water or Gatorade at each water stop, but it was just coming up. At mile 3 my legs were cramping. At mile 8 I almost stop at the medical tent. At mile 9 my vision was blurry and I could not imagine making it 17 more miles. Linda helped me find a medical person and I was transported to the emergency room. Severe dehydration and nausea. Thank you to the Medical team at mile 9, the Natick Fire Department and the emergency room staff at Leonard Morse Hospital. I’m doing much better, but it did wipe me out for a few days.

I’m not happy with what happened, but I know I could not have finished in the shape I was in. This is why completing a marathon is a huge deal. You can to all the training, but you can not control what happens on race day. Weather and your body can make it your day or not.

Congratulations to my brother, Danny and everyone who finished, especially my friends from Colonial Road Runners and Dana Farber!

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3 Responses to That was not what I planned on.

  1. I’m so so sorry! That is the worst to get the flu! Man, I’m so bummed for you:( I hope you’re feeling better though.

  2. Jen says:

    Congrats on getting your redemption race! Maybe you and I can try Boston next year. 🙂

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