Fastest Mile Ever!

It has been a crazy week in Seattle. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl and that made everyone happy. We watched the blow out of the Broncos and felt a little bad for Peyton. On Wednesday the city had a parade and it looked crazy packed. But I will give it to the fans, no one hurt, and no arrests. It must be that laid back, West Coast attitude.

On the running front I ran my fastest mile ever on Thursday. I have been doing 400’s for my speed work and this week had my fastest session. I don’t know if it was the 16 degrees but here are the splits 8:03, 7:50, and 7:43!

I have been traveling to run with different groups. I have run with the Balanced Athlete in Renton 4 times and with Eastside Runners 3 times. This week ESR are in Bothell and I’m not making the trip up there again. It is about 28 miles, a little to far for a 7 miles run. I have 15 on Sunday and will do 8/9 solo then meet the Sunday morning group in Renton.

What was your fastest mile? Anyone racing this weekend?


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4 Responses to Fastest Mile Ever!

  1. Bummer, I think I might actually make it to the ESR run (in Mill Creek, I hope?) tomorrow; it’ll be my first. Enjoy your Sunday run though; I hope this beautiful blue sky weather sticks around!

  2. I grew up in Seattle till I moved to ut when I was 19. So fun you got to be apart of the madness:) great job on running, how fun you get to be in a group!

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