Rain Run Recap

On Saturday I ran my 14th half marathon, the Rain Run in Redmond. It did not rain! It was about 30 degrees and foggy. It was a small race capped at 500 runners. I went with 2 friends Amy and Adrienne. The race started at 9 am. We got there about 8 and quickly picked up our bibs then we waited in the car to keep warm.

Before the race. Amy's photo.

Before the race. Amy’s photo.

We started on time and ran along the Sammamish River Trail. It was pancake flat. I felt pretty good for the first 8 miles and then my legs got a little tired. I had been with a group of 4 runners and slowly saw them leaving me. I just couldn’t keep up. I finished in 1:57:31. Not a PR but I’m always happy with a sub 2.

Thank you Woodinville Bicycle for the free race photos.

Thank you Woodinville Bicycle for the free race photos.

The only negative about this race had to do with water. There were 3 water stops and they were using Dixie cups, half full, you may have gotten one swig of water. Also please give me a bottle of water when I finish a race, I promise I will recycle the bottle. I do not want to wait in a line 5 minutes to get a Dixie cup of water again. If you must use cups have large, full cups of water on a table, not do it yourself from one cooler.

The food selection was better than most, cupcakes of all flavors, trail mix, pretzels, cuties. They also had a few vendors, Kind bars and Zinc coconut water were giving out full size samples.

After the race we went to the Claim Jumper for lunch. I had never been there. I had the steak chili in a bread bowl. It was pretty good. Although most things taste great after a half marathon.

Umbrella instead of a shirt.

Umbrella instead of a shirt.

Do you have any race pet peeves?


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5 Responses to Rain Run Recap

  1. I was on the fence about signing up for this run and when I went online to check prices last week it was sold-out. Probably for the better, I don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle the half again; I need a few more weeks of long runs to get there. But, it was a nice morning for a run and the river trail is so pretty! Bummer about the water. Especially for the entry fee, they should have had bottled water. I always have a Nalgene of water in the car after a race for the ride home.

    • bethanynic says:

      I signed up a while ago, and it was fun to go with friends. I never had the water issue until I moved here. And this was not the first race that this has happened. Back East every race gives you a bottle of water at the end. I think is has to do with recycling and the environment here in the PNW.

      • Maybe they were counting on the rain for hydration? Just look to the sky and open wide! 😉
        PS. I enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you’re interested, head over to my blog to check it out: runyourmuttoff.com/2014/01/liebster-award/

  2. Great race!!!!
    I finished a half in November and there was no water at the finish that I could see. I could only see that you had to wait in a very very long line for beer, but we didn’t want beer (at the time), we wanted water!! Another one is no medals for finishing a half. I saw an 11 year old finish his first 1/2 marathon and he had nothing to show for it! What a bummer! I understand all races have budgets but give us runners water and medals!

  3. bethanynic says:

    I agree, a half deserves a metal and water!

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