Football Weekend

I’m a lifelong New England Patriots. I love football. It is an exciting game. Living in Seattle this year has been interesting. The Seahawks are playing great football. This weekend could be the best football weekend of the year. Two classic match ups. The Pat’s against the Bronco’s or as many people are calling it Brady vs. Payton. And the Seahawks against their rivals the 49ers. The Seattle fans are passionate. They have waited a long time for another Super Bowl appearance and I’m constantly reminded the Patriots have had their “turn”. I’m sure if I was in Boston I would be feeling all the love for the Pat’s.

Omari, Dion and I in our football gear.

Omari, Dion and I in our football gear.

Regardless of the outcome of these games it has made for a great week in the city. People are rallying around the Hawks and are currently ok with Pat’s fans. That could change on Sunday.

On a running note, I’m meeting the Eastside Runners again on Saturday. They are meeting in Redmond this week, a place I have never run. It looks a hilly, but I only have 6 on the plan. 12 miles for Sunday. The Chicago Marathon has switched to a lottery for registration. I think it’s a fair way to handle registration instead of having sites crashing. I will be throwing my name in the mix and we will see what happens on April 14th.

Go Pats and Hawks!

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2 Responses to Football Weekend

  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Guess you are going to get your wish, with the Hawks at the superbowl:)

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