Random bits of information

It’s January and not much is going on. My Dad is arriving for a visit on Friday. It will be great to see him. Here are some random bits of information about me.

1. I have been converted to Starbucks. I was never a huge Dunkin Donuts person, but I find myself at Starbucks about twice a week.

2. Being a runner I love the weather here. As my friends back east are freezing, my runs are usually in the 40’s.

3. Training for Boston is going well. I hate speed work, but do it because it makes you faster.

4. I’m not happy with the color on the 2014 Marathon jacket. I don’t mind the orange, but I wish they then used black writing and no blue. I don’t think I will be shelling out $110 for this.

Adidas Boston Marathon Jacket 2014

Adidas Boston Marathon Jacket 2014

5. We are going to VooDoo Donuts on Sunday! What’s your favorite donut? Mine is the Voo doo donut.

Best donuts!

Best donuts!

6. Favorite place in Seattle Gas Works Park for the views of the city and Pike’s Market.

7. I’m a big New England Patriot’s fan. Go Pat’s!


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5 Responses to Random bits of information

  1. Lauren says:

    Man I LOVE me some Dunkin Donuts when I visit the East Coast! And I think you should buy the Boston jacket anyways, such an awesome reminder of a great race and personally I LOVE orange :). Have a fun visit with your dad!

    • bethanynic says:

      I will buy something. They have a great half zip that I would use a lot more. I don’t mind the orange, just not with the blue and white. Runners are super upset about it though.

  2. Seattle weather is the BEST for running! Hands down, no contest! Also, I’ve never been to VooDoo donuts. Next time I go to Portland with the hubby (probably for the marathon in October) we will definitely be going.

  3. I grew up in Seattle and loved going to pikes place. I’m not a fan if the jacket either:(

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