12k’s of Christmas

On Sunday I ran the 12k’s of Christmas in Kirkland. I love holiday races. I was also meeting a twitter friend for coffee after the race.

The race was at 9:30 and only about 25 minutes away.

Race outfit

Race outfit

The race was very organized. I quickly got my bib and long sleeve tech shirt. Pet peeve, if you are only going to have unisex shirts can you please offer XS. I give most of my shirts to my daughter or donate them.

Long sleeve tech shirt

Long sleeve tech shirt

This races was super hilly. It was either up or down, and it felt like mostly up. There was very little flat. It was tough but this was my first 12 so it was an automatic PR 1:05:38.

I met Marilyn and her husband, Travis for coffee after the race. It was great to finally met them. We did stay long, we all wanted to get home to watch our football games. Me the Patriots, them the Seahawks.

I met Larry and Hannah at the Pump House and had my usual football Sunday breakfast.


I might do this race again next year. I like that is more than a 5k but it was very hilly.

Do you run theme/holiday races?



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5 Responses to 12k’s of Christmas

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ve always wanted to run this race! I’ve actually run most of the course on just a casual jog and it is super hilly! If you like the challenge of hills you should run the Kirkland Half Marathon usually around mother’s day…it runs most of the 12K course plus some! Congrats on another well run race!

  2. Marilyn says:

    It was so fun to meet you! We will have to schedule a long run together sometime soon.

  3. bethanynic says:

    It was fun and very organized, but super hilly. I will look into the Half. Thanks!

  4. I love your race outfit, so festive! Great job!

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