Cold weather and football

We have been having very cold weather in Seattle. On Saturday I had 10 miles to run. I waited until the sun came up and went out. It was 15 degrees. I ran the hilly route, an out and back so I could turn back at any point. It was hard and cold. I never really warmed up but I finished.

After my run we went out for lunch at Wild Fin. I had the rib eye sandwich. It had blue cheese, and grilled tomatoes. It was delicious.

Wild Fin

They also had carolers. Sorry the picture is blurry.


We then went to pick out a Christmas tree.


On Sunday we watched the Patriots game. We are learning this season that you can never count them out. They won in the last few minutes again.

We decorated our tree. Yes it is almost touching the ceiling.


How was your weekend? Is your tree up?

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5 Responses to Cold weather and football

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your tree is beautiful! Ok what is the trick? I am contemplating a 10 degree run this weekend or run on the treadmill..any thoughts? Words of wisdom?

    • bethanynic says:

      Thanks Steph! Are you running long in 10 degrees? I have no secrets. I wore 3 tops, 2 bottoms, gloves and half gloves, balaclava and smartwool socks. I did put aquaphor ointment on my cheeks and nose. Good luck!

  2. How beautiful! I love your tree!!! I miss the days when we used to go to tree lots to pick a tree, it’s just so expensive around here to do that so we have an artificial one, but it looks real at least:) I put my main tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but I have a 2nd tree I like in the entry way, I am hoping to have a little time tomorrow to get it up:)

  3. Just found your blog, I love your christmas tree! We put ours up just a few weekends ago, the longer it’s up the better=) Have a great weekend!

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