Final day in NYC

On Monday Rebecca, Emily and I got up early. Emily had to be on an 8am bus back to Boston and Rebecca and I were going to Central Park to the Finisher’s Store. It was difficult to say good-bye to Emily. I will not see her until Christmas.

26 miles

After making our purchases Rebecca and I walked to Rockefeller Center. We were hoping to see the Today Show being taped. On the way I stopped into Crumbs for cupcakes and Payard Bakery for macaroons to bring home.


We were wearing our medals, as most runners were. We got so many shout outs from people. They are proud of the marathon and they should be. We got to the Today Show and only had to wait a few minutes and the whole crew came out.

Today Show Crew

Today Show Crew Rebecca’s picture

Matt Lauer Rebecca's picture

Matt Lauer Rebecca’s picture

We headed back to the hotel, then Rebecca headed to the airport.  When I got into NYCM I thought I would be doing this by myself. It was great to share this experience with a friend.

I stopped at Pick A Bagel for the last time :(. I walked around downtown a little and had lunch, which was my last NY pizza.

Last pizza

I had an amazing weekend in NYC. From start to finish I don’t think I could have planned it better.

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2 Responses to Final day in NYC

  1. RSC says:

    Loved sharing this experience with you!

  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    What a fun trip! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about it! I’m glad you had such an awesome time!!!
    I am bummed I missed seeing that cupcake store when I went to the Today show when I was in NY.. Guess I’ll just have to remember that for if I ever make it back there!

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