New York City Marathon Race Recap!

Short: 4:25:58 16 minute PR!!!! I worked hard for that PR. I ran more miles than any other training cycle. I did speed work and cross trained. It does prove that if you put in the miles it will pay off. Every marathoner should run this race if you have the chance. It was amazing from start to finish.

Long: Rebecca and I both got up before our alarms. She got us coffee from Starbucks and we left our hotel at 7 for the 10 minute walk to the ferry. It was going to be near perfect weather 50’s partly cloudy.

Rebecca and I ready to run!

Rebecca and I ready to run!

Staten Island

We got on the 7:15 ferry. It was about a 20 minute ride to Staten Island. They did not check our bibs. Anyone could get on the ferry. At the SI terminal we decided to stay in the warm terminal instead of heading to Fort Wadsworth. We waited in the bathroom line for about 45 minutes, but we were warm.  I ate my bagel with peanut butter. We then got in line for the bus. They did check for our bibs before we got on the bus. At Fort Wadsworth we went through security and we had to show our bib often. It sounds like a lot of waiting but it very efficient.

Rebecca and I on the ferry. Her picture.

Rebecca and I on the ferry. Her picture.

Rebecca and I parted ways. She was in the orange village, I was blue. I had half a bagel and water. I used the port a potty and dropped my throw away clothes and headed to the start. We were in our corral about 15 minutes before the start of our wave. I kept my gloves and hat on it was cold. Before I knew it we were off to the song New York, New York.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge was crowded and windy. I did not notice the uphill, but I did take in the amazing view. Love the Welcome to Brooklyn sign! Brooklyn was great. Thousands of people to high-five, calling your name and plenty of bands along the course. Water and Gatorade was every mile staring at mile 3. The tables were long and on both sides of the street. About mile 8 I made the choice to stop high-fives, but would give a wave or thumbs up. I was afraid of using too much energy. This was also were the crowds thinned for a few miles.

Queens was great but short. Then up the Queensboro Bridge. I lost one of my gloves on this bridge. It was quiet and long, about 2 miles uphill. But just as I was told, towards the end of the bridge you begin to hear the hum of the crowds in Manhattan and it gives you a boost. Right over the bridge it was a miracle I SAW EMILY! It was just what I needed. I ran over and gave her a quick hug and I was off again.

Emil's picture

Emily’s picture

I took water or Gatorade at every water stop. It is pretty crowded the whole race. After mile 18 there are more people walking. I kept pace all the way up 1st Ave. Over a small bridge into the Bronx. Over another small bridge and Harlem welcomes you with a church choir. Ok I’m getting tired. I also know I’m going to get a PR and under 4:30 if I keep my pace. 5th Ave is a looooong gradual uphill. I enjoyed the first 22 miles of this race. The last 4 were a blur. I just kept left, right, repeat. And when it got really rough I count to 60 then start all over again. Before I knew it I was in Central Park! Mile 25, I pick it up a little, the crowds are loud and I try to get some energy from them. Around a bend and I can see the finish.

I have finished the New York City Marathon! I’m very proud that I kept a pretty even pace the whole race. You get your medal, a bag with water, Gatorade, pretzels, an apple and a mylar blanket pretty quick.

Sea of mylar

Sea of mylar

Then you walk for about 20 minutes to get your bag from bag drop or your poncho. The poncho I thought was going to be slightly better than the mylar sheet but it was great. Water resistant with a fleece lining. The minute the volunteer put it on me I was warm.



We were going to meet at the family meet up, but Emily called and said it was a zoo, so we all went back to the hotel. Rebecca was there already, she had a minute PR! We showered and went to the burger place in the hotel.

NY burgerny cupcakeonion rings

I have to thank all the volunteers and security at the race. They were amazing! The New York Road Runners did a great job. I can’t imagine what is involved to get 50,000 runners to the start and then finish line. It was a class act all the way. New York knows how to do it right.

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4 Responses to New York City Marathon Race Recap!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Yayyyyyy congratulations!!!! You deserve it lady! You are so amazing!

  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Loved reading this! so amazing, and a PR Wahooo!!! One of my favorite parts when I ran this was starting off to Sinatra’s New York, New York song:) You brought back so many memories, thanks for sharing your recap. You trained hard, and it more than paid off, a PR so cool!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Still so proud of you, but YOU POSTED A PICTURE OF JAMESON!!!!! You should do that more often 🙂

  4. runbirdierun says:

    Woo!!! Congrats on a great race! You worked so hard through your training and I’m so glad it paid off. 16 minute PR?! That’s awesome! I really really really want to run this now 🙂

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