My Biggest Race

I’m leaving for New York tonight! I’m super excited, but also nervous. I have high expectations for myself and this race. I have trained well and know there is nothing more I can do. But self-doubt creeps in.

As I watched the Red Sox win the World Series last night, one of the players said we need to enjoy this moment because you don’t know if it will ever happen again. That is going to be my mantra in New York. I have no plans of ever running NYCM again. I want to enjoy every moment of my weekend and the race.

I still want, and feel ready for a PR, but I need to high-five the kids, take in the city, enjoy the view. This may never happen again.

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5 Responses to My Biggest Race

  1. playfulpups says:

    How exciting! Good luck to you and make sure you take time to ‘enjoy the moment’!!

  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Good luck, and have a great time! It’s an amazing race, and an incredible experience in itself!

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