Halloween Weekend

I had a busy weekend. Hannah and I went shopping. I had been looking for new boots. Living in Seattle I find I wear boots from October through April. We went to this place called Nordstrom Rack, have you heard of it? Yes I’m late to the party. But it’s a great store. I found these leather boots for $55.00 Amazing!

Steve Madden boots

Steve Madden boots

After having lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I helped Hannah decorate the front yard for Halloween.



I had a Halloween party to go to Saturday night and I wanted to make my favorite cupcakes. Chocolate cake with party frosting, which I colored orange.

I ran my last long run, if you can call it that, on Sunday, 8 hilly miles. I have started thinking about what I’m going to wear and have shopped for all the items I need. I’m super excited about New York. I feel ready. My training has gone very well. There is nothing left to do  but rest this week and start carbo loading on Wednesday.

Look what Larry brought back for London for me YAY!


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2 Responses to Halloween Weekend

  1. Good luck!!!! Hope to hear all about it in a recap 🙂

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