Portland Marathon

Amy, Adrienne and I got up at 5am on Sunday. The race started at 7 and we were only a few miles away. We attempted to get coffee for me but both Starbucks and Denny’s were closed. I made coffee in the room and had a granola bar. Total fail on breakfast. We headed over the race about 5:45. We found street parking quickly and began walking to the corrals. It was organized and no line for the Port a Potties. It was pretty cold this early, but it was going to be about 65 and sunny at the finish. Notes for NYC large garbage bags for the start, plan breakfast better.

Amy, Adrienne and I. We are all starting our 3rd marathon.

Amy, Adrienne and I. We are all starting our 3rd marathon.

Adrienne went to her corral and after the National Anthem, Bill Rogers gave the count down and we were off, kind off. Amy and I passed the starting map about 7:20. I was using this race as my last long run before NYC. I registered for this race March and had no idea I would get into NYC. Amy was hoping for a big PR. I ran with her to hopefully help her get the PR.



The first few miles were cold. I didn’t take off my throw away shirt until mile 5. Everything was going great. The water stops were about every mile and had plenty of water and Ultima.  We had banked a few extra minutes in the first half of the race for a bathroom break. And we began to use them as we walked up the long hill at the bridge.

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

After the bridge Amy became very quite and it was getting hard. Amy was doing so well. I tried to be encouraging. I didn’t want her to give up on her goal. She didn’t! She crossed the finish line at 5:30:59! I’m very happy for Amy she worked hard and it paid off in a huge PR. My official time was 5:31. Adrienne finished a few minutes before us.

We went through the finish shoot and got water, cheese sticks, chips, candy, pretzels bananas, oranges. They had plenty of food. We picked up our finishers shirts and roses.

Shirts and medal

Shirts and medal

Portland runs a great marathon. Their volunteers were enthusiastic always calling your name, which was on your bib. And it was very well organized.

We headed back to the hotel for quick showers. We made one more stop at Voo Doo Donuts before leaving Portland. On the way back to Seattle we stopped at Five Guys for well deserved burgers and fries.


On the way home I texted my friend, Jamie to see how she did. This was her first marathon. She got a BQ (Boston qualifying time) 3:36! I’m super happy for her.

I took an extra day off this week. I was still sore on Tuesday. I have 16 miles on Sunday. I’m hoping to do them at marathon pace. Then the taper begins.

The Mountain

The Mountain

Have you ever helped a friend to a PR?

Many of the pictures in this and the last post are Amy and Jamie’s

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2 Responses to Portland Marathon

  1. olivetorun says:

    I’ve definitely ran a few races next to a friend to help them get across the finish line. I just did one two weeks ago (a 5k) actually…. I find it a little more fun if I’m being honest. Who wouldn’t want to help someone reach their goal?

  2. Kathy says:

    Sounds like you were in great company and had a great time. I’m happy for you.

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