Last long run

Last week I ran 44 miles. This is a high for me. My previous marathon training plans all had less miles than this one and I only ran 4 days instead of 5. On Saturday I ran 8 hilly miles from my house to Newcastle. It was a great fall morning. I did not set an alarm and didn’t start my run until about 7 am.

I have been seeing so many post about fall baking that I had to make my Pumpkin Chip Cake. It turned out perfect.


On Sunday I had 18 miles. My friend Amy joined me for the first 4 and I was on my own for the rest. I was lucky that there were only a few rain drops at the very start and end of my run. I finished with a 10:33 average pace which I’m very happy with. Portland is in 2 weeks!


After my run we went to the Pump House to watch the Pats game and I had the same breakfast as 2 weeks ago, so no picture. Yay the Pat’s won.

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2 Responses to Last long run

  1. Stephanie says:

    WOW great week of runs!!! So I am assuming you are now in taper mode? Congratulations on making it to taper! A huge accomplishment

  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Awesome week of running!! 44 miles is impressive! Good luck with the upcoming race in 2 weeks!!!

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