Move in day and leaving Boston

Last Sunday I moved Emily into college. She has been my helper and friend during the past year. I know I’m going to miss her horribly, but I hope she has an amazing time in college.

We left my dad’s about 10 am in a heavy rain. We arrived at the university in about 50 minutes, after only one wrong turn. Then we waited and waited. At least the rain stopped.  We were corralled in a parking lot and then in a very slow-moving line. About an hour later than planed, we were at her dorm and then it was quick. We unloaded our packed car with the help of Manami, my niece and 2 other students into orange bins, in about 10 minutes.

Packed car

Packed car

We took the stairs, only one flight, instead of waiting for the long line for the elevator. Two trips each and all items were in her room. We unpacked a little then went for lunch and another trip to Target for food items.

moving day

Emily had a dorm meeting, so we said our teary goodbye and I was off.  I miss her, but will see her in NYC in November and want her to enjoy every thing college has to offer.

I left Boston on Monday afternoon and stopped at Legal Sea Foods at the airport for my favorite chowdah.

legal signchowda

I also had my favorite Whole Foods treat, Carmelita bars. When I worked there these and the peanut butter mousse were my favorites. Thanks Zandra and Elyse!

carmelita bar

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2 Responses to Move in day and leaving Boston

  1. Stephanie says:

    boo you were in boston, we should have run hehe. but do u live in ny or am i making that up

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