Boston to Seattle and My Life Changes

SAMSUNG One year ago today I left Boston. I lived there my whole life and never thought I would from the area. We moved for a job opportunity for my husband. We had an amazing relocation package and looked at this as an adventure that would never come again. Little did we know how much of an adventure it would be.


Six days before leaving I had a routine mammogram on Friday. Monday I got the call that I needed an ultrasound. Tuesday I had the ultrasound and was told I needed a biopsy asap. They could not perform it in Boston, even with all my begging, before I left. We arrived in Seattle on Thursday, bought our house on Friday. Spent the weekend getting stuff, all with a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. On Monday I sat at my computer and started calling surgeons on my health plan. The first few did not have any openings for weeks. I finally stated telling my story and Dr. Unger saw me that day. I had a biopsy on Wednesday and was told the next week I had a tiny breast cancer, Her2+ “all the good things because we know how to fight it”.  Is there such a thing?

I got 2 opinions, genetic testing and chose to have my treatments at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  I continued training for my marathon and missed one long run and a few small ones. I had a lumpectomy and a port installed before running MCM October 28th.  I started 4 treatments of chemotherapy on November 1st. It sucks. My hair fell out, I had mouth sores, my stomach was a mess and I have never been so tired in my life. February 22 was my last day of 6 weeks of radiation. Happy day! This was nothing compared to chemo for me. I still have Herceptin through October and hormone therapy for 5 years, but the worst is behind me.

This is the quick report. If anyone needs more information I will be happy to talk to them. I had just moved and my support system was 3000 miles away. I did not know anyone who had been through this and the Komen Foundation put me in touch with 2 amazing women Jamie Newbold and breast cancer survivor, Rebecca Seago-Coyle. They were my life savers and answered all my questions with an openness I hope I can give to someone else.

We had a rough welcome to Washington. I miss my friends and family in Boston. I miss the good food I have there. I miss my running club. I do not miss the snow and hot humid weather, but that may be all I don’t miss. Boston is an amazing city with history and so much to do, but mostly it’s home.


Seattle is getting better. I have made friends mostly through running. I’m trying to appreciate the good things in life more. For me that includes good food, which I am beginning to find here, but still no cannolis.

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  1. nancy collins says:

    Great Read Bethany!! Remember..”you can take the girl out of Dorchester (Boston), but you can’t take Dorchester out of the girl!!!”

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