Tacoma Narrows Half Race Recap

I signed up for this race only last week, right before the last price increase. I race very hard, I’m always looking for a PR. And didn’t think it was the best idea to race while marathon training. It usually take me a few days to recover.
My friend Amy drove to Tacoma and we made the last bus to the start. This race was a point to point race, starting in one place ending in another.

Amy and I on the bus to the start

Amy and I on the bus to the start

We met my friend Jamie at the start and got in the enormous line for the port-a-potty’s. There were only 20. They needed double that. This was a smallish race about 800 people. By the time I finished they had started the count down and I was in the back of the pack. I spent the first 3 miles trying to catch the 2:00 pacer. It was tough weaving in and out of so many people on a narrow road.

I caught the pacer on the bridge and passed him. This was a hilly course, but for every up hill there was a down, which I love. We ran through some Tacoma neighborhoods, but most of the race was along the highway. It was about 60 and overcast which is great running weather. I knew I was running well and on target for a PR. I just didn’t know if I could hold on to it.

I did not carry any water. There were 5 water stops, I would have liked one or two more. They had water and I think Nuun at all stops. After mile 10 there was a big down hill and the rest of the race was down hill slightly. I just had to keep under a 9 minute pace for the PR.

I had a little kick at the end and finished 1:55:55! Almost a 2 minute PR.

Jamie also had a PR and got 3rd in her age group, she is super speedy.

Jamie and I at the finish

Jamie and I at the finish

Super happy at how I did on this race. It was hard, and I pushed it, but that’s what racing is suppose to be. My last Half PR was 4/12. Jamie, Amy and I had brunch and then headed back to Seattle.

Thanks to them for the pictures. I will get better about taking them.



Of course I’m going to love this race because of the PR. And my only complaint is not enough port-a-pottys at the start.

Today I’m paying for that PR. My quads are toast and going up and down stairs is brutal. Pain is temporary that PR high will last a long time.

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3 Responses to Tacoma Narrows Half Race Recap

  1. Gametiime says:

    Congrats to you and Amy on the PRs, Bethany! We’re putting together our #Gametiime Weekend Collection and you’re in it! 🙂

    Looking forward to sharing and we’ll definitely make sure to link back to here in the post.

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  3. runbirdierun says:

    Great job Bethany! Love that PR high 🙂

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