First Green Lake Run

On Saturday I had my first run at Green Lake. It is a very nice lake in North Seattle. There were crew teams on the lake, and a few canoes. It was very flat and super crowded. I headed over there to run at about 7:45. I had 6 miles at marathon pace on my plan and completed them with a lot of weaving in and out of runners, walkers, bikes, dogs, kids. Too many people for my liking. I bet if I started an earlier it would have been much better.

The biggest reason I headed to Green Lake was to go to the Oiselle Sample Sale after my run. They are a women’s athletic apparel company. I love their stuff and they are a local Seattle company. Like most sample sales it is hit or miss. I did get a long sleeve top and a bum wrap, compression shorts with a short wrap around them, not a shirt. The prices were great $10 each.


I really wanted to try their Roga shorts. All my Ragnar ladies love them. When I got home they were offering free shipping, so I ordered the shorts and a top. I will let you know what I think when they arrive.

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2 Responses to First Green Lake Run

  1. runner1313 says:

    I would love to get to Seattle for running one day. Any “can’t miss beautiful marathons” out your way?

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