Ragnar Day One

SlowThe six of us met in Seattle and enjoyed the comforts of our rented Suburban on the ride north to Blaine. My teammates are great. I had only met them once before this weekend. Captain Lauren, Rebecca, Rira, Jessey and Robyn. We are all long distance runners and I think that was very helpful for Ragnar.
We arrived at the start with plenty of time. We checked in and when through the safety meeting. I was running first, 13.1 miles.
It was exciting to start with a group and have our team name called. 9:30 off we went. My first leg was along the water and I loved the smell of the ocean, it reminded me of home. It was getting a little warm but I finished slightly under my projected time. Thank you to all the other teams that cheered and offered me water along the way. I love crowd support.
In the van a PB & J sandwich, and we were off to cheer for Lauren. I loved supporting my teammates. Running is a solitary sport, but not in a relay. When we weren’t running we were eating, changing, navigating and driving. This Suburban was enormous. I have not driven a vehicle that big ever. We were all thankful for the passenger space it gave us.
My second run was 8.3 miles and started at 8:15pm. This run was not as pretty, it went through a town and a shopping area, with quite a few stop lights. The sun was setting. I was so happy to have 2 runs done. While Rebecca was running her second leg, I managed to close my eyes for an hour. I never slept, but this helped a lot. I did lose some steam during the night-time hours, sorry teammates, next time I’ll have a red bull.


Thanks Jessey for sharing your pictures!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Wow Your name is amazing! I wonder where you got it from!

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