Why I ran Ragnar Relay

Last weekend I ran Ragnar Relay North West Passage. It is a 200 miles relay race. Most teams have 2 vans with 6 people each. Last year I volunteered for a friend at Ragnar Cape Cod and had a great time. I was excited to see the runners hand off to the next teammate. All the teams were cheering for each other. But I would not like the sweaty van, no showers and lack of sleep.

During the past year I moved across the country and beat breast cancer. I am not afraid of lack of sleep and a stinky van anymore. I was hoping to make more friends out here and one of the women I follow on twitter, needed a few more teammates.  She was putting together an Ultra team, only one van with 6 runners. We would cover the same distance as the 12 person teams. I contacted Lauren, who was super helpful and answered all of my questions, and mailed a check. I was committed. And scared.

One of the things I learned from surviving cancer is that life really is to short and you need to take chances. It’s ok to be scared, but that can’t be the reason you don’t do something.

Next post Ragnar Day One

Photo: Getting ready


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2 Responses to Why I ran Ragnar Relay

  1. rebeccaontherun says:

    Woo hoo!

  2. Lauren says:

    Yeah! Welcome to the blog world..love your blog name…a true east coaster right there!

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