Running things I’m loving now

The colder weather has arrived in Seattle and there are a few things that make my colder runs so much better, I wanted to share them.

Knuckle Lights!

I have mentioned these before but I love them. They are much better than a head lamp. You can put the light where you need it, at a car or the sidewalk.


Saucony Thermal Top

I usually wear Oiselle or Brooks clothing, but I love my Saucony thermal half zip. It’s perfect for 30-40 degrees or colder with a shirt under it.

This is the current version of my top.

This is the current version of my top.

Brooks Thermal running tights

Which you can no longer buy. They are great for the wet cold weather. It looks like they replaced them with a more expensive option. The Seattle tight.


Taper has began. My marathon is less than 2 weeks away! Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I’m lucky to be running the 2016 Boston Marathon for Dana Farber. I have to raise $5,000. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated! Here is a link to donate or for more information.

Please join the FitFam challenge. I have already signed on to a team. Let me know what you are planning to do. Use code MOVETHEMISSION10 for 10% off. It will keep you motivated during the holidays.



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Marathon training and FITFAM coupon code.

On Sunday I ran my last long run for CIM. It was cold, windy and raining. I had company for 6 of the 20 miles, which I was grateful for. When I sign up for a marathon it always feels so far away and some where in the middle of training I wonder why this was a good idea. I used Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan for CIM.  I have used this training plan for the past 5 marathons I have run. Some of them I have added speed work and cross training, New York, some I have added miles, Eugene, but it is basically the same plan.


I’m thinking about trying the Hanson Beginner plan for Boston. It’s a little scary to try something different. I have improved my time with Higdon’s, slowly. I don’t know how much more I can shave off my 4:21 in Eugene, but I always want to run a little better. The biggest plus from Hanson is the longest run is only 16 miles. The con is that it will push me into higher weekly mileage and running 6 days a week, with speed work.  I also have a hard time running easy. On this plan I will have to run easy in order to run all the miles.

As promised here is a coupon code for 10% off the FitFam challenge


Any donation to my Boston Marathon run for Dana Farber would be greatly appreciated!

Have you ever used a Hanson Plan? Any thoughts?


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FitFam Ambassador

FitFam was Gametiime a web site that was a place I initially went to find races. But it became much more than that. It became a community of runners from all over the country, but many here in the Seattle area. It became a place I would turn to for running advice and information about different races.

When they announced a big change was coming and they were looking for Ambassadors, I thought it was a good way to meet runners and spread my love for running. I was pleasantly surprised when I was selected. And even happier when the whole picture was explained over the past few weeks. This is not just about running, it is about leading a healthy life style.

I hope you take a few minutes to look at the new site and consider joining the 2016 challenge. I will have a coupon code to share soon. #movethemission




Boston Marathon Bound DFMC 2016



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Boston Marathon bound 2016!

I am honored and ecstatic to be given a second chance to run the Boston Marathon! I will be running again with the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge Team. Dana Faber is the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance of Boston. It’s where I had my mammogram and ultrasound as the movers were packing my house for the move to Seattle.


The research done at Dana Farber contributed to how I was treated here in Seattle. Breast cancer treatment has changed dramatically since my mother was diagnosed in 1998. We know of the different types of breast cancer and have different “cocktails” of chemotherapy to treat them. This has come from the research done at great hospitals like Dana Farber and Fred Hutch.

I looking forward to a great run on April 18 and crossing that finish line on Boylston St.



I have a fundraising commitment.  Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated. One hundred percent of what I raise goes directly to research. Thank you for your help in having a world without cancer.


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Visit to Boston and Fall is here

I realized I have not blogged all month. I have been busy doing nothing. Work is busy, I’m ramping up my mileage for marathon training and I’m watching a lot of football. My Patriots have had a great start to the season.

I went to Boston a few weeks ago to visit my family, friends and eat. Here are a few pictures.


Home of the Patriots!

Bertucci's Pizza

Bertucci’s Pizza






Mike's Pastry!

Mike’s Pastry!

Cappuccino and Lobster Tail from Cafe Victoria

Cappuccino and Lobster Tail from Cafe Victoria








I debated about sharing this, but if you live in the Seattle area and are a woman runner you must go to the next Oiselle sample sale. I love their clothing, especially their shorts and capris. Most of the items are $10. At this sale I even scored a winter jacket for $25.

Fall is here in the PNW. The days are getting shorter, but the weather has been awesome. Cool, almost cold mornings and up to 70 and sunny during the afternoon. Fall is my favorite season. Great weather, football and pumpkin everything.

Cognac ready for football.

Cognac ready for football.

What is your favorite part of fall?







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Hood to Coast!

I don’t know where to begin to explain the best Relay ever! I have learned that relays have nothing to do with the location and everything to do with the people on your team.

On Thursday my friend Rebecca and I headed down to Oregon City. We were staying with Devri and Barry 2 members of our Heathen Brewery team. Devri and I meet a few years ago and when she ran HTC last year I begged to have a spot her team this year.

We got up at 3:40 am for our 6:15 am start. Devri was our first runner. I was number 2 and could not wait to start. There’s not much open at 4 am, but we did manage to find Joe’s Donut shop. The donuts were great, but the coffee not so much.

The girls, Devri, me, Jamie and Rebecca

The girls, Devri, me, Jamie and Rebecca

Start Line

Start Line

My first leg was all down hill, right down Mt Hood. It was awesome! I really tried to slow down but it was hard not to just cruise.

My first leg, loved the Pac Man van!

My first leg, loved the Pac Man van!

We met up with the other van at a school. They were all super nice and welcoming.

3/4 of the Heathen Team

3/4 of the Heathen Team

Barry and Brandon, put up with a lot of girl talk

Barry and Brandon, but up with a lot of girls talk

After our first legs we went back to the Pieratt home and showered and a great lunch. Then we were off to run our second legs. It was hot and humid now. Most of this leg was along the train tracks in an industrial area in Portland. One of the first buildings I ran past had a thermometer, it was 79 yuck! This was my hardest leg.

Second Leg hand off with Devri

Second Leg hand off with Devri

We were hearing about how bad the weather was going to get, but we were having a great time and just kept running. At some point we did know that the finish area was moved and there would be no beach party. Bummer, but safety needs to come first.

After our second legs we went to the next major exchange and got some sleep.

Me, Jamie and Devri in "bed" for some sleep.

Me, Jamie and Devri in “bed” for some sleep.

When we got up about 3:15, again, it was pouring and was super windy. Devri started her last leg is some pretty bad weather, but by the time she handed off to me I was running in dry 60’s. It rained a bit here and there but nothing bad, until we got to Exchange 30, the last one for our van. It was pouring and the wind was howling. This was also the exchange that we had the worst traffic of the race. Up until this point all the traffic issues that they had last year had been resolved.

Our legs done! We headed to Seaside for food and to wait for Van 2 to finish. It was not raining in Seaside, but it was so windy.

No beach party this year

No beach party this year


Van 2 finished and we all ran across the finish line together. It was great. I have run 5 relays in the past 3 years and this was one of my favorites. It’s all because of the great, friendly group of people who I had the opportunity to spent 30+ hours with. Running is an individual sport, but on these relays you are part of a team, working together to finish. They made the rain, wind, heat, humidity, and sleep deprivation all worth it. Thank you Heathen Brewery Team hopefully you will let me back again next year.

Jenny, Colby, Alison, Rebecca, Sunny, Devri, Jamie, Brian, Jamie, Brandon, me and Barry

Jenny, Colby, Alison, Rebecca, Sunny, Devri, Jamie, Brian, Jamie, Brandon, me and Barry

All pictures are Jamie Hill’s or Devri Pieratt’s Thanks ladies!

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Lake Union 10k Race Report

On Sunday Hannah and I ran the Lake Union 10k. She picked this race because Portage Bay Cafe was serving breakfast after, and we both love their breakfast.


We arrived at 6:45 and got free street parking. We picked up our bibs, and shirts. They only had 1 womans medium left. They were running small and many people had sized up, they should have t-shirt exchanges after the race.

The race started on time and is a nice loop up to Fremont and around the lake. There were 2 water stops on the course and a few steep hills at the end. I finished 53:53, 4th in my age group. I was about a minute off my PR from my last 10k, 2 years ago. Hannah did great for her longest run ever!

Portage Bay did a great job with breakfast. It was french toast with their breakfast bar of fresh berries, butter, whipped cream, maple syrup and orange juice. Marley Coffee, one of my favorites, had a booth set up with coffee samples.

It was a great race, one I would probably do again.

20150812_064723 (2)

On a sad note, I needed a headlamp this morning on my run.

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