Running in the rain

It’s winter in Seattle and that means running in the rain. I’m not complaining. I would take rain over snow any day. But here are a few things I have learned this winter, the wettest one I’ve had here.

  1. Nothing is going to keep you dry. None of those water-resistant running jackets will help. They will just make you hot. A brimmed coolmax hat will help keep some of the rain out of your eyes.
  2. Get used to pealing off your running clothes.
  3. There is all kinds of rain. My favorite is the very light drizzle. But lately it has been pouring buckets, which I try not to run in. Or like today’s rain, where I was totally wet about 5 minutes into my 7 mile run.
  4. Puddles are the worst. I run on sidewalks but some of the streets are so flooded that this has happened to me more than once.
    Credit HBO

    Credit HBO

    Still better than cold and snow. But I’m always happy when I have an unexpected dry run.

    Marathon training is going well. My coach has me running a lot more miles than I have in the past, but so far, so good. I’m just tired and hungry all the time. This week I did a better job of having healthy snacks on hand.

    What is the weather like where you live? Training for a race?

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Boston Marathon training

The Boston Marathon is 14 weeks from today. For my past 5 marathons I used a modified Hall Higdon’s Intermediate plan. I have toyed with the idea of hiring a coach for the past 2 marathons but could never figure out who or how it would work. On the plane to CIM we sat next to this awesome guy Robbie. He is a UPS driver, but also coaches runners. We had similar ideas about running and he gave me some great tips for CIM. At CIM I finally got my sub 4:20 marathon and decided to hire Robbie for Boston training.


So far the training has gone well. My type A personality makes me run what I’m told. The hardest thing has been to run “easy”.  I have a tendency to run all my runs too fast. Robbie has started right away with hill and speed work. These are not my favorite things, but I know they will make me a stronger runner. I’m also running a few more miles than I would be with a Higdon’s plan and so far so good. This was the plan for last week.

Mon off
Tues 5-6 easy
Wed good warm up/cool down then 6×1 min hill repeats
Thur 5-6 easy
Fri off
Sat warm up/cool down then 5 miles marathon goal pace
Sun 9-11 mile long recovery.

I’m looking for early morning running buddies if you’re interested let me know.

I’m running the Boston Marathon for Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. Any donation to my run is greatly appreciated. 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research.



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Christmas in Disneyland

After spending the last 2 Christmas’s in Whistler, BC we decided to head south to Disneyland this year. We arrived in LA mid morning on the 23rd and drove straight to Dunkin Donuts in Santa Monica. After about 6 weeks of rain in Seattle we were all happy about the  sun and the warm weather.

We spent some time on the Pier and in the shopping district before heading to In n Out Burger and Anaheim.




On the 24th we started our day at 7am in California Adventures. By 9:30 we had 5 top rides done and our Fast Pass for World of Color, the light show at 9pm.






We had Christmas Eve dinner at Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney and it was great. We then went back to the park for World of Color which we all liked better than Fantasmic at Disneyland.

Prime Rib

Prime Rib









On Christmas we heading to Disneyland! Again we opened the park at 7am. By 9:30 we were in line for Mickey Beignets, having been on the Matterhorn, Buzz Astro Blaster, the Haunted Christmas Manson, Big Thunder Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean.


We were killing it even though it was super crowded. We used fast passes and single rider lines where ever we could. The longest wait of the night was for It’s a Small World, about 45 minutes.


On Saturday we did some other things in LA. And then back to Disneyland on Sunday. Hannah and Larry went right to Hyper Space Mountain and got to ride it twice in a row. Emily and I headed to Peter Pan and still had a 15 minute wait. We also rode space mountain with a fast pass later in the day.



On our last day we got great seats for the Light Parade which was awesome and the fireworks.









We spent 3, 15 hour plus days in the parks. But it was so much fun.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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2015 in review

One of the reasons I keep writing this blog is to have memories for myself of the things I have accomplished and the places I have had the opportunity to go.  2015 was filled with great races, friends and travel.

  1. Hot Chocolate Race  My friends Devri and Barry came up from OR for this hilly race.
  2. Traveling to China! I have a few post for this trip, including the Great Wall and Shanghai.
  3. The Eugene Marathon. This was a great, hard race in a very hippy town.
  4. Climbing Mt. St. Helens. This was very difficult and I still do not want to do it again.
  5. Traveling to Vancouver for the Women’s World Cup. Thanks Hannah for wanting to go. This was so much fun in a great city.
  6. Ragnar! This was my first time on a 12 person team, and I don’t think I want to go the Ultra route again.
  7. Hood to Coast! If you have the opportunity to run this race DO IT! This was a great relay and I left with many new friends.
  8. California International Marathon! PR baby! I’m so happy I finally have my sub 4:20 marathon.

I also had trip to London and Boston thrown in there and a climb to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier.

I’m looking forward to 2016. I will be running the Boston Marathon as part of the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. If you would like to make a donation to my run the link is below.


What was the highlight of your year?

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California International Marathon Race Report

Short Version: It’s a fast course with rolling hills for the first 16 miles then it’s pretty flat. Great volunteers, not many spectators on this rainy day. PR 4:18:33!

Long Story:

Amy and I arrived in Sacramento Saturday morning. We checked into our hotel and headed to the expo. The expo was medium size and had all the usually vendors. We quickly picked up our bibs and shirts.


We walked around a bit in the afternoon, including to the finish line.











We had a great dinner at II Forniao. We both had really good pasta dishes and dessert.


We were up at 4 am on Sunday. CIM is a point to point course. We had to get on a bus to the start line in Folsom at 5 am.We had coffee and stale bagels in the breakfast room and walked over the buses at 5:45. There were so many runners waiting for buses. We did not get on a bus until 5:30. It was a 40 minute ride to Folsom. Amy and I used one of the hundreds of Port-a-potties and then waited on the bus until 6:55.

On the bus! Amy's pic.

On the bus! Amy’s pic.

It was raining at the start. We wished each other luck and headed our separate ways. There are no corrals so I lined up in between the 4:10 and 4:25 pacers. My goal for this race was a PR. I knew I was going to have to push it. The first 6 miles is nice rolling hills. For every up there was a down and I stayed pretty close to my target. The volunteers were great, but other than at the relay exchanges there were not a lot of spectators, but the ones that were on the course were great. I was wearing my Seattle Marathon shirt (and my BAA hat) so I heard a lot of “Go Seattle”.

Miles 7 through 20 were uneventful. There were about 10 bands along the course. I felt good, strong and the rain stopped. I was holding on pretty close to my A goal. Then I got tired. Mile 22 was my first 10 minute mile and I could not get back into the nine’s after that. The last 2 miles was a mental game. Just hold on to the PR. I’m very proud of my time and place in my age group 84/240.

20151206_114523 (1)

After the race you were given your medal, Mylar blanket and water. The food was a little hard to find. All I saw was bananas and kind bars.

Amy had a PR also. I only talked to a few people who did not have at least a small PR. Which leads to no marathon is easy, but this is a good, fast course. with great support. I heard that BQ bell many times.



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Running things I’m loving now

The colder weather has arrived in Seattle and there are a few things that make my colder runs so much better, I wanted to share them.

Knuckle Lights!

I have mentioned these before but I love them. They are much better than a head lamp. You can put the light where you need it, at a car or the sidewalk.


Saucony Thermal Top

I usually wear Oiselle or Brooks clothing, but I love my Saucony thermal half zip. It’s perfect for 30-40 degrees or colder with a shirt under it.

This is the current version of my top.

This is the current version of my top.

Brooks Thermal running tights

Which you can no longer buy. They are great for the wet cold weather. It looks like they replaced them with a more expensive option. The Seattle tight.


Taper has began. My marathon is less than 2 weeks away! Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I’m lucky to be running the 2016 Boston Marathon for Dana Farber. I have to raise $5,000. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated! Here is a link to donate or for more information.

Please join the FitFam challenge. I have already signed on to a team. Let me know what you are planning to do. Use code MOVETHEMISSION10 for 10% off. It will keep you motivated during the holidays.



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Marathon training and FITFAM coupon code.

On Sunday I ran my last long run for CIM. It was cold, windy and raining. I had company for 6 of the 20 miles, which I was grateful for. When I sign up for a marathon it always feels so far away and some where in the middle of training I wonder why this was a good idea. I used Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan for CIM.  I have used this training plan for the past 5 marathons I have run. Some of them I have added speed work and cross training, New York, some I have added miles, Eugene, but it is basically the same plan.


I’m thinking about trying the Hanson Beginner plan for Boston. It’s a little scary to try something different. I have improved my time with Higdon’s, slowly. I don’t know how much more I can shave off my 4:21 in Eugene, but I always want to run a little better. The biggest plus from Hanson is the longest run is only 16 miles. The con is that it will push me into higher weekly mileage and running 6 days a week, with speed work.  I also have a hard time running easy. On this plan I will have to run easy in order to run all the miles.

As promised here is a coupon code for 10% off the FitFam challenge


Any donation to my Boston Marathon run for Dana Farber would be greatly appreciated!

Have you ever used a Hanson Plan? Any thoughts?


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