Going Home to Boston!


One week from today I will be heading home to Boston and running the Boston Marathon, Monday, April 21!. If you want to track me here is a link, Wave 3 11:00 am start.


My bib #26170.


Love this city!

Love this city!

I can’t wait to be back in Boston. Emily is there!! As well as my dad and siblings. Saturday I will be volunteering at the Expo. Sunday we are celebrating Easter at Brett and Lori’s house.

Monday is the big day. I’m taking my old running club’s bus to Hopkinton. It will be great to see old friends. I will head over to St. John’s Church for the Dana Farber picture and to hang out before the race. I never thought I would have the opportunity to run this race. And to do in a year that has so much meaning is incredible. My training has gone very well and I feel good. Excited and nervous at the same time.

I will be at Mike's on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

I will be at Mike’s on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

How many cannolis can I eat in 5 days?


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Hawaii Vacation

Last week my husband and I went to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It was out first trip there and we had a great time. We stayed at the Hilton Waikiki Beach. It was a block away from the beach and had loads of stores and restaurants within walking distance. Here are some of the highlights.

Leonard’s Bakery My mother was Portuguese and I remember having malasalas as a child in Rhode Island. We can still get them at a bakery in New Bedford, MA. Leonard’s were the real deal!


Malasadas,a sweet fried dough
Malasadas,a sweet fried dough









Diamond Head We hiked up Diamond Head. For us is was an easy hike, about 30 minutes up and 15 minutes down. However if you are not in shape it could be difficult.

Diamond HeadLighthouse







USS Arizona and USS Missouri We went to Pearl Harbor and took a tour of the USS Missouri. There is so much history there. We spent about 2 hours walking around and on the ship.






We went to the North Shore on 3 days. 2 days to go to the beaches and one day to go to Waimea Falls Park. The walk to the falls was in a beautiful garden park, think Lost or Jurassic Park scenery. We also ate at Giovanni’s shrimp truck and had shaved ice at Mastsumoto. Both were excellent as expected.

Shrimp TruckShaved Ice







We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. The coral is very close to the surface. We saw some amazing fish, but no turtles.

I guess a luau is something you have to do on your first trip to Hawaii. We went to Chief’s Luau, my husband thought it was great. I thought it was tacky and the food was horrible. I had rice, rolls and cake for dinner. I was hoping for a cultural experience and it was full of bad jokes and pulling people on stage to embarrass them.

We had 2 great meals at Dukes Restaurant. The food was amazing, including a great salad bar. And the service was the best we have had in a restaurant in a long time. I spoke to the manager on the second night to rave about how well everything was.

Hula Pie so good.

Hula Pie so good.









I did run in Hawaii. My first run was suppose to be 20 and ended up being 16. It was hot, about 75 and humid. I don’t like hot and humid. I was lucky, that Michele, another DFMC team member met me and we ran 11 together. I did run 3 other mornings, 5 miles each and those weren’t that bad.

This was a great vacation. We were there 6 days and it was just enough. Maybe next time Maui?

The Boston Marathon is in 2 weeks! If you would like to track me #26170. I’m in wave 3 so will not cross the start line until after 11 am EST.





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Big Fish and Garmin Vivofit

On Saturday after a hilly 8 miles, we went to Big Fish in Issaquah. They have the closest thing you are going to get here for New England clam chowda. It was rich and had great clam flavor. I had the fish tacos, which were very good and they did not have a ton of sauce on them. Sorry I forgot to take pictures.

I also purchased a Garmin Vivofit. It is a fitness tracker like the Fitbit. I currently use the Fitbit One and don’t really have any issues, but sometimes I forget to wear it. The Fitbit Force as been recalled, that was the one I really wanted. If I going to wear one on my wrist I wanted a display with time. I know a lot of people who have the Flex, but it won’t sync to my phone and has no display. Here is my opinion after 2 days.



I love the display. It’s water-resistant, my first Fitbit died because of water. It has a super easy sleep function. It has 2 batteries which should last a year, so you do not need to charge it. I’m using both the Vivofit and Fitbit currently and they are very close in stats. Less than 5% difference.


No backlight, you can’t see it at night. This red line that grows the longer you are inactive. Unfortunately I work at a desk job, so 8-4 I’m pretty much inactive.  This is also my second unit. The first one was defective and would not pair or do anything and after trying for about 2 hours I gave up. Thank you REI for a great return policy.

We are heading to Hawaii for a week. I’ll have a 20 mile run there. Wish me luck it will be hot!

Do you wear a fitness tracker? Which one?



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21 miles!

Marathon training is hard. Boston is going to be my 5th marathon and the training does not get easier with each one. I think as I get older it gets harder. I have had my aches and pains during this training cycle, but try not to dwell on them.

On Sunday I had my first of two twenty milers and I woke up to pouring rain. While drinking my coffee I look at the radar to see a swath of green covering the whole map. Right then I deceided this was a good mental test. I packed 2 extra shirts, put my ipod in a plastic bag and headed to the Cedar River Trail.

I did the first 6 miles solo, before meeting Amy, Suresh and Gani. I ran the next 5.5 with them. It was nice to have the company for some of the miles.

Amy's picture

Amy’s picture

I was very wet. It never stopped raining. I changed my shirt once, but wish I had brought another pair of gloves. But all things considered I had a 10:33 average pace, which is great for me. I know mentally this run put me in a good place. Boston in 5 weeks!

Second shirt and hat.

Second shirt and hat.

What is the worst weather you have had on a long run?


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Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Race Report

Last Saturday I ran the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon. I registered for this race back in October, with my friend Jamie.

Jamie and I before the race. Her picture.

Jamie and I before the race. Her picture.

The last few emails from the race had warned about traffic and to get there early. For a 7:30 start Jamie and I were there about 6:30. But I guess some people didn’t listen and because of traffic the race started 15 minutes late. Late starts are tough for the runners that have shed their warm clothes and are now waiting and getting cold. Strike One.

I was not going for a PR at this race, just a sub 2. This was the flattest half I have ever run. It is a point to point on the trail along the lake.

Free race photos!

Free race photos! Thanks Woodinville Bicycle.

It was pretty uneventful. I kept to about a 9 minute pace and had no issues. I have used peanut M & M’s and jelly beans for fuel since training for NYC and it works well for me. I stopped at each water stop for water/Nuun, I think there were 5. I finished in 1:56:56 BUT  my Garmin was 12.88. In talking with many other runners all Garmin’s were between 12.86 and 12.91. The course was short. Strike Two.

What is with the DIXIE cups at the end of a race! PLEASE give me a bottle of water. Strike Three.

Jamie did have a bottle of water for me, but we did see each other. The post race food and vendors was great.  Bananas, apples, coconut water, Kind bars, pretzels, peanut butter sandwiches. After getting a few things to eat and not seeing Jamie I walk to the buses to bring me back to my car. I don’t run with my phone, so I figure I should get to it to call her. It was a 30 minute bus ride.

I got to my car quickly changed and met Jamie and her friend, Jane at Family Pancake House. It is a great, basic breakfast spot.

This is a very popular race and sold out this year, but I probably will not run this race again. I don’t love the total flat, point to point, late start, short course, no water bottles.


Do you have any race pet peeves?


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Hot Chocolate 15k Race Recap

On Sunday, my sister Pam and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k. I ran this race last year and had warned Pam that it is very hilly. I had run 18 miles on Saturday, so I had no expectations with our finish time.

The race had an early start of 7:45. The weather was cloudy and about 45 degrees. We arrived at Seattle Center about 7 and got free parking. We met Amy and Catherine at The Armory and used the bathrooms with no line.

HC race

This race is super organized for such a big event. I forgot about all the hills at the beginning, you are either going up or down nothing is flat. There are plenty of water stops, with great volunteers. Pam did great. She is not used to all these hills. We finished in 1:39:59. Directly at the finish there was gatorade and bottles of water. We had to walk a little bit to get our hot chocolate and finishers mug, that had fondue, and a bunch of things to dip in it.

This is a great, well-organized race if you have the chance to run it next year. There is no medal but you get a great tech sweatshirt and chocolate.

HC sweatshirt

Anyone else love stale peeps? Here’s my stash.



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My sister’s visit!

My sister, Pam came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. She arrived on Thursday and the first order of business was eating some of the awesomeness that she brought me from Mike’s Pastry in Boston! This is my favorite bakery anywhere, if you are in Boston you must go.

Cannolis and Biscotti!

Cannolis and Biscotti!

Friday was my birthday, we went to lunch at Wild Fin and then ran a few errands. Pam is a great cook and made some of my favorite foods. We had chicken pot pie, meatballs and sauce and birthday apple pie. It was all delicious.

Birthday Pie

Birthday Pie

Saturday I ran 18 miles. My friend Amy joined me for 6 then I did 12 solo. It was the best long run I have had in a while. I felt good the whole time and finished with a 10:30 average which I’m very happy with. After my run Pam, Hannah and I went to Chihuly Glass Garden in Seattle Center. The glass sculptures were amazing. The museum is a little small for the price, but we had a good time.



We then took the monorail to Westlake Center to have lunch and shop. We went to the Yard House. It was my first time there and the burger and fries were excellent. I love any place that will cook my burger medium rare.

Great burger and fries!

Great burger and fries!

After lunch we went to Nordstrom Rack and Zara. I had never been to Zara and loved a coat online but was afraid to order it. The sales people were super helpful and I got a new rain coat that I love, a necessity in Seattle.
We had a great afternoon of shopping. On Sunday we were running the Hot Chocolate 15K . More on that in the next post.


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